Sunday, March 20, 2011

Really Really Bad at This

If Anna is counting, she knows just how bad I've gotten about blogging and how my resolve to make this into in a habit again isn't working well. 

I'll just have to keep trying. Smile.

This weekend I was supposed to be in Bethlehem PA for the Mid-Atlantic EGA Regional Seminar. And I didn't go. Personal problem kept me away. And I'm very sorry I didn't go. I'm sure I would have had a wonderful time. 

So instead yesterday my Stars group was meeting. How much stitching did any of us actually accomplish? Not much, I fear, if I am any example. I did one bar of sashing and started stitching Marlon Brando. One my version Marlon starts out with baby blue and then you use a medium tone pink. Hardly seems very Marlon like. But again, a few of us have realized to get this piece done requires a fair amount of perseverance. As Marlon is only my fifth block of twelve that I've done in over a year, I can see that I need to stop putting this piece away and just stitch the darn thing!!!

Today is the last sunny day for a few days and I'm hoping to spend some time straightening out the studio. How I've let it get this messy, this quickly is amazing. That's what comes of walking in and setting thing down and walking out. Many times.


Anna van Schurman said...

I'm not counting. I feel like every post is a gift and I don't take them for granted. But photos, girl!

Sara Leigh said...

I'm still working on Vivien Leigh, my third block. I've left it on the Lowery, though, so maybe I'll do more stitching on it this week. Last week I worked several nights on the 2010 ANG SOTM, plugging away on November's installment. I'm not going to talk about my much-neglected blog. Sigh.