Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April Stitching Bloggers' Question o' the Month

Do you keep records of your finishes?  We are so lucky to have so many record-keeping tools at our disposal to record our accomplishments.  So if you do, what recording methods do you use?  What do you think is important to record when you've finished a design?  

Fifteen years ago when I picked up my needle and thread again after a two year break, I started keeping a stitching journal. I'd note my new project - designer info, fabric and thread choices, any changes to the design. I'd update my progress and note my finishes. I'd write about any stitching adventures, classes, friends met through stitching and the computer. 

Fast forward to seven and a half years ago when I started writing this blog. At the time, I still kept my journal. I do love a good blank book with an attractive cover and all those white pages. But slowly I stopped writing in my books as my time seemed better spent writing here. 

I still write about the same things. But probably in more detail and with the bonus of including photos. 

It's all here online. And there's no real record of finishes. They just sort of happen. Get noted on the blog. And that's that. Back again to the fact that I am much more of a process than progress person.

On a side note, my guild does encourage us to note our finishes. We have an IFF program - It's Finally Finished. We note our finishes on a piece of paper that goes in a box. And as of last year, we can also record our details in a little notebook. The only thing for me is that this program runs from July to July. So I can't just count my finishes for the calendar year. (If you finish anything doing the year, you get noted at the July function. Last year I got a package of gold needles.)

And as promised here's my photos of my current stumpwork piece as designed by Betsy Morgan:

 I'm working on my raspberry right now. It's the white felt padding. Love the gold silk!


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Anonymous said...

I do keep track of all my creative art works; it's the left brain side of me! I have a notepad next to my stitching and I make a notes of the stitch & threads as I stitch. When I am finished with a piece I make a sheet for my notebook with picture(s)...you can see what I do here: http://sudukc.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/keeping-track-of-needlepoint/
I look forward to reading the responses here as I am always revising and updating the information I keep track of.