Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Call Me Sneezy

That post yesterday about things blooming here in Virginia? Well, where there's blooms, there's pollen. Even with my medication, I'm sneezing my head off this morning. 

I finished my obligation stitching yesterday. 

And even better won a wrestling match with my sewing machine last night. 

I came, I saw, I conquered. 

I can be extremely determined. But I have this hate/hate relationship with my sewing machine. It's about 20 years old. Just a slightly above basic Brother I bought at Service Merchandise (anyone else remember these stores fondly?) when it was on clearance. Someone had stolen the power cord and I ordered one from the company. I sold my very basic Singer at a yard sale and Brother and I embarked on a getting to know you tour. My determination and his basic stubbornness can sometimes clash. The offender.

Sometimes Brother seems to have a mind of his own. His tension adjustments can be mighty picky. And I end up with this big gob of thread underneath instead of a smooth line of stitching. Or some such mess.

Because we have a guild meeting today, I thought I'd try finishing my bargello piece into a frame weight.

And while the Bruins and Red Sox were both losing their respective games, I sewed a small pillow that I filled with BB's and fit that inside a slightly larger pillow that was the bargello piece. Let me tell you, trying to hand sew the opening closed on a piece that now weighs a couple of pounds was the real treat. All this and I only broke one sewing machine needle. 

I'm pretty darn pleased with this. And now I'm going to make another one, but I think I'm putting this one on canvas tote from LL Bean.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Very pretty! And useful, too. Good combo.

Joanie R. said...

Very nice stitching and finishing. You should be very proud of yourself!!!

Joanie R.

CalamityJr said...

Oooh - beautiful! Love your colors and finishing!

Sara Leigh said...

Is this the piece you're going to be teaching? I love it! I could use a frame weight or two myself. Hmmm. I really should design my own, shouldn't I?