Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It is that time of year here in Virginia - the only time my daughter thinks it's pretty here (pshaw - what does she know?) - the azaleas are blooming. The last of the cherry trees are fading, the dogwoods are in bloom. The redbuds - some are gone, some are just peaking. The tulip magnolias are starting to drop those huge petals.

I've got better photos, but not on the laptop. Speaking of which, I was just moving it around and had that little hard drive protection engaged message. No bouncing the laptop!!!

But I can bounce around on my topics here and that means a change of subject.

This is one of my favorite photos of my children. On the beach, maybe at Big Sur State Beach? I'd have to go and look at other photos to be certain. The hours we spent just walking on the beach with these two playing their crazy games. They'd pretend to be whatever - otters, dinosaurs, cats  - and make up stories. And act them out. They were all about the imaginative play. 

Bounce again.

No stitching photos. But I've made some real progress on my Cajun Santa. His body and the canoe are finished. The alligator is started and so is the sky. That's what I worked on Easter day while bouncing back and forth between the Celtics and the Red Sox. 

Yesterday was all about obligation stitching. 

And today? I really need to go get a pedi. And finish the obligation. Then I'm free to stitch whatever I want.

Oh. I did sign up for the Casalguidi class on the Shining Needle Society. Looking forward to learning something new.


Bouncing back. I forgot to say why I have the beach on the brain. Beach on the brain- what a curious sounding phrase. I like it. 

Anyway. We're heading to Cape Cod for a week in May. Where the weather will most likely remind us of being on the beach in central California. No swimming, but lots of sand, sun, and wind. I can hardly wait.) 

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