Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot and Humid Monday

We may be setting records here again on this Monday. The record at Dulles is only 84 and we should beat that easily. This will again be followed by severe storms tonight into tomorrow morning. Very weird spring weather. It's either in the 50s, or barely 60. Skip the 70s and head right on into the 80s. But the 70s are my favorite part. That's when I can sit outside and stitch without worrying about sweat dripping on my projects.

Some random Florida photos from my trip last month.

I've still got to baste my black canvas and it turns out that I don't have 22" or 23" stretcher bars. I think we all know what this means. I need to make a little trip. To a needlework store.

This weekend I picked up my R. LeTellier and made some progress. Finished the first alphabet. Did the left hand border which is irregular to say the least. I'm leaving in all the mistakes. Except I did move on itty bitty 4 stitch motif two threads to the right for better balance. 

I've been considering how I could acquire more Elfa carts for my room. I seriously need to remove more papercrafting supplies. Must face the fact that I don't enjoy the paper as much as the fabric and that there are limited amount of hours in a week. 

I'm making plans for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Anyone else planning on attending?


Tara said...

I'm planning on going Sunday. I have an ANG meeting on Saturday. Apparently, it wasn't as crowded on Sunday as it was on Saturday last year. I won't get to see everything. But I can't afford everything I want. ;-)

Donna said...

Okay. what happened to my photos?

Donna said...

Posted a comment and then I can see them again? Blogger, sometimes you are just too random for words.

Sara Leigh said...

I can't see the pictures.