Friday, April 01, 2011

Highlighting Another Blog

Yesterday at stitching group I finished an assignment for my Color for Embroidery class. And then moved on to my stumpwork ornament which was a class last week at my EGA chapter. 

You can see the ornament here on Betsy's blog:  Willing Hands 

Seriously you need to go look. Not just at the ornament, which is sweet and fun. I'm working on the raspberry now. I *heart* French knots. I really do.

But scroll down. Next is a post on creating pincushions out of old silver napkin rings.

And then there's photos of her new teaching piece - the sampler inspired casket. I've seen this one in the process of being created and I'm always amazed at Betsy's abilities. Her ideas, her designs, and her execution. Not to mention her stitching speed. 

I promise I'll get up a photo of my ornament soon. Weather is gray and dreary and not good for taking pictures.

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