Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New Canvas Projects

The first one falls into I can't resist category. It's the colors. This is a DebBee's Designs - Diamond Delight VIII. It will be the perfect companion piece to another canvas that I have kitted up. It may have to wait just a bit for me to work on some other things. But that's okay. 

Next up we have an ANG Chapter project. From Molehill to Mountain as designed by Pamela Sue Gardener. She's teaching it, too! This is going to be all about making decisions. It started out as a color study and went from small (molehill) to mountain (you get it...)

Most people taking this class have chosen an overdyed and picked their colors from that. 

Not me. 

I started with the red-violet and the yellow green. And then I ran into a wall trying to pick a third color. The solution was to pick two more colors, giving me a double complimentary combination.

Thus my first decision is made. And then came the second one - what color canvas to use. White was just too much for me and I chose black. I'm hoping this is a decision that I don't come to regret. 

After this, every time I will sit down to stitch on this project, I'll be making a decision. Which color, which value, which texture. The mind boggles. My main color is the red-violet. My secondary is the yellow-green. The blue-violet and golden yellows will be my accents. That's it. All the easy decisions are made. Now I have to go baste my canvas. Fun! Not!


Kelly said...

Love all the colors. Black canvas is not that bad to work on. All you need is a good light and maybe a light cloth in your lap at night. This will be fun to watch grow!

Tommye said...

sounds like a lot of fun! I love your colors. And Kelly is right, good light is the key. Can't wait to see more.