Friday, April 08, 2011

Stitching Group

I look forward to stitching group Thursdays more than any other day of the week. Yesterday was the first time I took my Stars project there. Mostly because we've all learned the hard way that stitching on this piece requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Otherwise you will unstitching. 

I'm trying to double down on this piece. Focus on it. And finish it. 

Thus I will be bringing it out in public with me. Yesterday was all about sashing and border. I can do that without screwing things up. And when I got home, I started Cary Grant. Just barely. As soon as he's finished, the piece will be halfway finished. I'm ready to be done with this and I don't want to leave it on stretcher bars for another year. 

Of course, we are starting to work on Molehill to Mountain next week which is another BAP from the counted canvas world. Plus I'm about to sign on for two more cyber classes. (More on these later.) I'm really going to try to move some other canvases pieces along also. I've probably got 80,000 tacks in currently in use. Or something like that. Would be nice to finish some of these. 


Kelly said...

Love your comment about 80k tacks in use. I am right there with you but whats another 10,000 tacks if there is another wonderful canvas to be had. I would love to see a picture of your Stars. It is such a pretty pattern and everyone is so different depending on the color choices. Enjoy!

lewmew said...

You must post a link to molehill to mountain!