Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Review

Walking the Sheep and Wool Festival knocked me out good on Saturday night. But I woke up nice and early on Sunday. DH showered and shaved and came downstairs fully dressed which is odd for him on a Sunday. He's usually lounging in his pajama pants. And Red Sox or UNH Hockey sweatshirt. I asked if he was going somewhere and he said yes. To get me some bagels and a smear. 

(Daughter in MA and son went to work at 6 a.m.) 

And he took their place and got bagels with my favorite smear, not his, and flowers for me. What a nice guy. 

We contemplated the day. Made a schedule. Threw it away. 

Just lazed around and read the Sunday paper.

Fiddled around on the computer. Went a bought a new grill after son got off work. Red Sox won.

And son made supper. And even went to Red Velvet and bought cupcakes for desert. 

I even managed to stitch a few more letters on my gift. All in all, a good quiet day. 

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