Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still Recapping

But first - woo hoo! The Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup finals!

And a note to Robin - thank you for your kind words about my bargello design. I have not given any thought to selling. Mostly because I don't have enough designs yet to move from the category of amateur to professional. But I'll think about it.

I went to Cape Cod with only one thing that I absolutely had to do. You can probably guess that this involves needlework somehow. One of the members of my Thursday stitching group has a sister who lives on Cape Cod and who visited us last year. Demi who heard through her sister that I was visiting, invited me to her Wednesday stitching group at the Town-Ho Needleworks in Brewster. 

So Wednesday was the only day I needed to get up bright and early. Did I mention that waking up was not a problem as there were two skylights in the bedroom where we were staying? My hubby dropped me off at 10 and he went off to explore.

Town-Ho is owned and operated by Barry Barnes, an extremely talented stitcher. In fact, the walls are filled with his projects. And the store has all kinds of wonderful things. One room is devoted to cross stitch. The other rooms have so many hand-painted canvases that I didn't know where to look. Walls of fibers, boxes of crewel kits. I sat with my new friends and stitched on my Pischke turtles and then got up to shop a bit. I could have done some real damage to my wallet here. But I kept it reasonable. Bought some old Jean Hilton patterns. Some threads. And resisted the calls from the canvas. Did I mention this place is large on needlework store scale? Barry doesn't leave the Cape often. Nor does he have an online presence. If you call him, he may not answer the phone even. But I highly recommend a visit if you are ever on the Cape. 

I had lunch with Demi and her friend Jackie at the Brewster Fish House, another place I can highly recommend where I had the codfish cakes. DH met us for coffee and after some lovely conversation we parted ways. In DH's travels someone had told him we needed to go to the Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum. Now, the museum was closed for renovations, and when we parked the car and got out we heard this unholy racket. 

A short walk and we found the source! 

It seems the alewives were running. (For those unfamiliar, an alewife is a type of herring.) These seagulls were quite intent on watching the water and our presence didn't seem to bother them at all. In fact, I was happy to leave without one of them making a deposit on me.

 The mill pond and mill. Charming and picturesque.


Anne Stradal said...

I was at Town-Ho this morning (5/28). Too bad I missed you--it would have been nice to compare notes. Barry is a true gem!

Donna said...

I'm so sorry that I didn't think to contact you before heading to the Cape. ABS Designs is you, right? I have a couple of your lighthouses and NEED more! Next time I'm at Needlewoman East I'll be talking to Liz about placing an order.