Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Business

I've been all business today. Household and other.

I'm teaching a bargello piece that is my own design tomorrow at EGA. 

Would you like to see it? 

Sure you would. 

It's got a title. 

Every class deserves a title. 

Every piece deserves a name. 

So here it is:

I needed a name month's ago for our newsletter and the colors reminded me a polo shirt I had in the 1970s.

Thus it became - Bargello with a Preppy Twist.

The only twist being the colors. 

I made this version into a frame weight. Trust me, this sucker is heavy. Maybe 6-7 pounds. I filled it with BB pellets.  

Oh, wait. I showed you all this back in April, didn't I? 

Oh well. 

C'est la vie!


RobinG said...

Hi Donna,

Oh, but I love this! After you teach it, might you be selling the design anywhere? The colors! The design. Yummy. RobinG in Indiana.

Arleen said...

Gosh this is beautiful! I would also love to puchase the design.

Arlene Green

Arleen said...

Gosh,this is beautiful! I would also like to purchase a copy of the pattern. Arleen Green in NC