Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Dark Alphabet

Did I not just say something about not taking on new projects? I meant it, too. 

I am very drawn to A Dark Alphabet, a set a free graphs currently being produced by In the Company of Friends. These are being dedicated to the memory of Lisa Roswell of the Primitive Needle who died during the floods in Ohio this spring. 

Becky and Julie also have a blog here - A Note of Friendship.

And Always in Stitches in Florida is having a sale. The brick and mortar store will close by the end of the summer if no one buys it. She's planning on having an internet store after all is said and done. 

From Carole's newsletter details of the sale:

  It s all about June this month!  First of all, summer hours begin.  The shop will be open Tuesday-Friday from 12noon to 4pm and on Saturday from 10am to 4pm.  Closed on Sunday & Monday.  Summer hours will continue until Wednesday, August 31.  That s it, kaput, I m done, sayonara, adios muchacha, hasta la vista baby, c est fini!  The brick & mortar shop will close & the website will continue.  If the shop is sold, that s a whole other story.  I ll keep you informed.

       The second bit of news is that IN-STOCK charts & kits will be discounted 25% for the month of June.  Again if you order online & put the words IRS SALE in the comment box you get another 5% discount for 30% total.  Only charts & kits & only those charts & kits that are IN STOCK are on sale.  That s why it s called an I.nventory R.eduction S.ale silly.  And you may have noticed that this will be an ongoing graduated discount event.  So each month the discount will get higher but the inventory will get lower.  I will NOT be sending charts that you order if they are not IN STOCK.   I am still happy to order books, but they will be at the usual cost.  Remember that the discount only applies to IN-STOCK charts & kits at this time.  In addition charts & kits that are already on sale will receive their listed discount or the IRS discount, whichever is greater.  I m adding sale charts frequently.  I have about three more bags to go & I m putting most of them at half-price.

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