Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Saturday's Doings

On Saturday, DH and I decided that since we couldn't get tickets this weekend to Fallingwater, we'd go see our local Frank Lloyd Wright house. Obviously this Federal/Adams building isn't it. This is Woodlawn plantation. Built on land given by George Washington to Martha's niece and nephew.

I was trying to talk DH into touring this house, too, but he politely declined. 
From this photo, you might think I was visiting an abandoned building. It's neglected, but not abandoned. If only Woodlawn got a fraction of the financial support that Mt. Vernon gets, it would be in terrific shape.

Just down the hill from the plantation is the Pope Leighey House build in Falls Church in 1940. It's a 1,200 square foot Usonian house. For my readers from NH, the Zimmermann house in Manchester is a slightly larger version of this one. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside.

We decided we could live in this house. We'd definitely need a storage shed. And we'd have to sell/give away a lot of stuff. I'd no longer be cooking anything complicated as the kitchen is tiny! And according to Wright, I wouldn't be able to hang any needlework on the walls. That could be a problem...


Sara Leigh said...

I love this house! I took the tour a number of years ago and felt the same way. I could live in this house.

Anna van Schurman said...

I've never been to Zimmermann which is a shame because we don't really have call to visit NH anymore. :(