Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yesterday was 3/3. That's a date we don't get to forget in our family as it is DD's birthday. And yesterday she turned 21!

Which means I can confess that one of her presents was this design by the Workbasket - Fox Forest. I didn't get a good photo yet. Today I will try again. I finished it by mounting it on foam care, wrapping the edge in a ribbon and putting it in a shadow box.

The poor girl is sick. Sore throat, laryngitis. But to at least get her out of the house on her birthday, we went to the bookstore and grocery store so she could purchase her first bottle of champagne.

While at the bookstore I got to peruse this - Stitch Graffiti -
by the Monsterbubbles designer. Was interesting. I didn't realize it was hers until this morning. I didn't buy it. There was an intriguing idea of stitching bracelets on nylon screening.

Instead I bought the current issue of Antiques magazine which has a sampler article on samplers from around Bedford, MA.

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