Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I Checked Out at the Library

Regular readers probably think I'm going to say those fourteen books that I haven't read.

But no.

Three books on color and color theory.

I'm trying to find out what it is that makes me like or dislike a pattern.

I'm starting with color because that's what attracts me first. Then I go on to actual content and difficulty or lack thereof.

Of course most of these books are aimed at painters. Then there are the ones aimed at designers. Which may be more where I should be looking.

I already know that I love samplers. That parts easy. But after not winning even an honorable mention ribbon at Woodlawn I went through all my sampler patterns to see if there was something that met my criteria for difficulty that also attracted me and made me want to stitch it. I didn't find much. Which is incredible.

Frankly, looking at my two biggest samplers that I have finished and framed, (this is going to sound absolutely stupid) I would not have stitched either one under my current criteria. With the Newburyport sampler it's the colors. Way too pastel for my tastes. But I do love to look at it. See, this has me feeling rather schizophrenic about my stitching.

I do think figuring out why I like something may set me on the path to designing what I like. For myself. Maybe for others.

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