Monday, March 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up with the Memes

This time, I know where the list originated: Poppy Buxom. (And I got it from the Stitch Bitch)

I'm Amazed Nobody Ever Made Me Read

The Iliad
The Odyssey
Doesn't mean I haven't read them...

I've Never Been Interested in Reading

Um. I confess. I'll read anything. Cereal boxes and warnings on prescription medication included.

I Never Managed to Finish

War and Peace

That's it. Confesses another English major with a tremendous love of reading...

Books I Finished and Liked Quite a Bit, Although Going Into It, I Felt Extremely Wary

Finnegan's Wake
Moby Dick

Wouldn't have read if it wasn't for this UU minister who did a sermon based on Moby Dick every year.

Books for which the quip "Kill me. Now." was invented

This is easy. Island of the Blue Dolphin. Only book I have ever maliciously destroyed.
And all the books my male misogynist sophomore teacher made us read so now I hate:
The Ox-Bow Incident and All Quiet on the Western Front and I've blocked out the remainder of them

I’ll add: Books they made me read so often I hated both the books and them

Great Expectations
There must be more in this category that I'm not remembering
I know they tried to kill the Great Gatsby for me, but I still enjoy it having reread parts while kid had to read it in school

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