Monday, March 03, 2008

Woodlawn on Saturday

We stopped by on Saturday so I could drop off some EGA rack cards for our chapter. Unfortunately I did not get a ribbon. Not even an honorable mention. I am disappointed, but came home vowing to find a project that is worthy.

Lots and lots of beautiful things. They didn't have the show booklet finished, so I don't have a list. Made it difficult to figure out exactly who won in which categories. I am hopeful that they will have one the next time I'm there.

I wish the judges provided critiques. I would love to know if it was just the couching on the chenille thread that brought me down.

I'm not obsessed. Don't worry.

Not me.

But I have gone through my entire stash of projects, patterns, and magazines. I found a candidate or two. But I think it's easiest to win with an original design. Oh woe.

Was great that there were two versions of Nova. One was matted in blue and one in red. It was amazing how different that made them look.

Am truly disappointed that my friend, E.B., didn't get a ribbon for her crewel piece by Elsa Williams. She did this at age 78 and it's fantastic.

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