Tuesday, March 25, 2008


All I saw of the Red Sox game was the last pitch. I'm loving my satellite feed right now. Sigh.

In Stitching News:

Spent another day in the demo room at Woodlawn with my partner in crime. We held forth as experts in many aspects of stitching - including blackwork, punchneedle, and canvaswork. Which my friend really is an expert in. We totally enjoyed ourselves.

I am finding it funny that I can tell exactly when I've had enough of the blackwork. All the lines on the pattern just kind of blur together and I have to focus extra hard to understand what I'm supposed to do. So I put down the blackwork and picked up on older canvaswork UFO. Which I'm loving right now.

Stopped by the shop and picked up extra skeins of Crescent Colours - trying to match the ones I'm currently using for the Quaker piece. After stitching one motif, I realized this piece was going to take more fiber than I had forseen. Original was stitched over 1 with silks and I'm stitching it over 2 with overdyed cottons.

For anyone using Crescent Colours, especially, but in reality any overdyed fiber - look at your pattern carefully. Will any of it require more than one skein? Crescent, which I love to work with, seems to have a huge problem with dye lots varying by a huge amount.

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Kathryn said...

Crescent Colors, PHHHTTTTTTT! Not only did my Warm Water Wash NOT look like the stitched model (hardly any variegation in the threads I got), but the threads were soft and knotted when you looked at them. I will NOT use Crescent Colors ever again.