Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking for Suggestions

'Kay. I just wanted something interesting to look at.

But my question is:

If you were going to start designing and selling your needlework designs, what name would you choose for your company?

It's okay if you want to keep the name that you secretly hope one day to actually use. Give me your second best choice.

I've been having fun playing this game and googling potential names to see what's already in use.


Kathryn said...

Marketing 101 -- Make it memorable. Make it meaningful.

You are not going to be a conglomerate, so stick to something in English. So, the name should reflect what you are trying to sell. It might have the word patterns in it or thread or stitch. It could incorporate your name or a local or regional name. It could say something about the patterns you are selling, such as Jo's Traditional Stitches or The D.C. Patternmaker. Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I would use a name that would come up easily in a Google Search in case people are looking for something needlework related. I "google" most everything I need to find out.

Are you going to Celebrations NH this year?

jo said...

No Celebrations for me. I've got a major conflict with 30th class reunion.

It's been 30 freaking years! Oh my!