Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Neck/arm Pain

It comes. It goes. Not bad enough to send me off to a doctor's office. But this is getting to be annoying.

And I have effectively taken my current stitching schedule and twisted it and left myself not so much time for pleasure stitching. But that's alright.

And after saying that, I will say that yesterday's stitching was all about pleasure. It's a project called Crazy Pyramid. I finished the background on Monday and started in on the embellishment phase. Which is so much fun. So far I've created cattails and a bit of blueberry bush. I've started on lily pads. My husband came home while I was in the midst of this and looked at it and said "that's just wrong." He went upstairs to change, came back, looked again, and said "It looks like a quilt."
(YES!) And then started singing Anita's part from West Side Story about sticking to your own kind. Very funny.

Regardless of his opinion, I'm having fun and it will look lovely when completed.

Re: Crescent Colours - I'm amazed at the different experiences that people have with different fibers. I love stitching with them. They don't knot at all for me. But meanwhile, Weeks has done something with the dyeing process - I swear. Certain colors are now so thin and rough feeling to me. And GAST - well - I've been working with it for more than 10 years now. I'm pretty happy with the quality and selection of colors. And I do like the Carrie's Creations - she seems to have figured out a way to richer and more vibrant than anyone else. But at times there are some huge discrepancies is dye lots. Given all this, I think I'm moving back to just DMC or Anchor for designing.

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Anna van Schurman said...

I'm surprised by how vehemently people hate CC. I don't have problems with it.