Thursday, May 07, 2009

Glitzy Accessories

I'm taking this online class through the Shining Needle Society. If you are unaware of the Shining Needle Society, you could google them. Or you could join them on Yahoo!Groups. Their mission statement runs like this:

"To provide nurturing and inspiring opportunities for growth in the study of needlework, with the hope of continuing the legacy of embroidery art for future generations."

The class I'm taking is Glitzy Accessories by Carole Lake.

This is my first foray into the world of online classes. Everything is running smoothly thus far.

I have my instruction book with all the pretty pictures. And though I started out with one color combination, yesterday I took my DD to the Waste Knot in Arlington and picked out another set of colors. The first set was based on Watercolours "Havana" which is a green to purple. I see why I picked it originally, but when I looked at them again, I wasn't sold. Yesterday we picked a palette that matches Watercolours "Royal Jewels." I'm going to stitch the nametag first and if I don't like it, I can change again.

DD admired all the lovely canvases. And we bought her her own BLT - Best Laying Tool. Yes, the gold-plated one is lighter - I can now verify that. But we just got the regular one. Like mine. DD was talking about taking her needlepoint project back to school with her and if she wants to do that she needs a laying tool. Proper tools are important. :-)

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