Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Organizing: part eleventy-three

It seems I've blathered on about organizing here many times in the past few years. I'm always attempting to get organized. It's a process. Not a goal. LOL

I bought two Elfa units last week. Evicted all the paper crafting stuff from my closet and brought in the stitching stuff. Well, haven't quite evicted it all. I've still got two shelves worth of photo boxes that can go. Took the old student desk out of my bedroom - extremely worthless as I never use it - and will donate that to the Salvation Army. Suddenly the bedroom seems bigger. But am going to bring DD's hope chest in to that spot in front of the windows. Realized exactly how large that chair is I have in the corner. It's huge. And I am bummed that I can't place it somewhere so that I can sit there and view the TV. Maybe it is finally time to rearrange the entire room?

Love the Elfa units. I got one with wire baskets and one with mesh. Put all my needlework fabric in them. All my stretcher bars, scroll frames, Q-snaps, embroidery hoops. Put all DMC floss in one drawer (it's in floss-away bags.) Assorted other little stitchy things. Got all my boxes of projects and all my boxes of threads on top. What remains downstairs are the books. I don't have room. But I think I can make room for certain reference books like the Proper Stitch and Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Embroidery.

Still busy making all things happen for DD. Found her new hiking boots yesterday. Now I think she's fully equipped for her return trip to Alaska. She's staying for 10 weeks. Collecting little fishes called sticklebacks.

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Angela said...

Sounds very organised to me. Nothing like a good clearout of tidying session to leave you with plenty of guilt-free stitching time.