Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Official

In my family, the next generation is growing up. DD at the age of 22 finally got her driver's license yesterday. And next week when my twin nieces turn 18, everyone of that generation will be an adult. Officially. Where has the time gone?

If the sun ever shines here again in northern Virginia (I hear rumors we'll see it by the weekend) I will take a photo or two. But meanwhile, it is gray and dreary and rainy. And I know I could never live in the Pacific northwest.

Been stitching on By the Bay's Spooky Hill. By the Bay is another Donna from New Hampshire though she lives there still. Here's a link to her blog. I made an error that I didn't catch until yesterday. Oops. So I matched the error on the other side and the piece will be two stitches wider on the bottom half. Good. Now I'll definitely have room to change the words from Spooky Hill to Sleepy Hollow.

I also did my bit - stitching in public yesterday. While at the DMV. I started The Victoria Sampler's international heart for Norway. It's my new carry along project. There was one guy that was sitting behind me to one side and he kind of creeped me out the way he was staring. Was glad when DD came back from her driving test and we moved.

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Angela said...

I completely understand how you feel. My youngest is 20 this year and it still seems like only yesterday that my eldest was born.