Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That Box

There's this box that haunts me. It was under the stairs until this last round of organizing of the stash. In this box are my projects where the stitching is finished, but they are not finished. You know what I mean. And their accompanying instructions are with them. Not sure why I do that. I think it started when I some of them still needed their buttons attached or something like that.

Last night I thought maybe I could actually finish finish a project. Instead I got sucked into that box. (After I found it. I couldn't see it buried under a stack of books.) Pulled everything out. Unwrapped the stitched stuff. Sorted into piles. Things I like to take for framing soon. Things that will be framed someday - put those back in the box. Things I can finish on my own. With my sewing machine, some matboard, and/or fabric. Maybe even some glue. Some of these pieces I stitched so quickly I barely remember them.

By the time I took my I-can-finish-this-myself pile back upstairs I had run out of energy to attempt anything. But by next week I'd like to at least finish some ornaments. Maybe a pillow. And a flat-fold or two. I've Judy Odell's finishing book for reference.

I should have taken a photo...

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