Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woefully Behind

It make forever for me to catch up on my blog reading (well, actually till Saturday or so...)

I haven't forgotten my drawing that was supposed to be held on May 13th. Will do it today and have recent diploma recipient do the picking. Package is ready for mailing. I did manage to do that before leaving town.

I'm totally discombobulated from traveling. Don't change any time zones, but sleep patterns change and that 10 hour drive is grueling even when you're not the one doing all the driving.

Tomorrow DD leaves for Alaska where she'll be working with the little fishes again this summer. She'll return mid-July and drive her new used car that we're giving her back to school. And then we won't see her again till winter break. How could four years pass so quickly? Wasn't my husband just retiring from the Army yesterday?

The good news is that I discovered that I can stitch in the new car if I pick the correct project. I did 90% of an international heart by The Victoria Sampler. Even cut out the threads for hardanger. Just need to wrap the bars and do the dove's eyes. Also started the Marigold sampler that was in Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine a year or so ago. Pictures tomorrow or more likely Saturday as things are still quite busy around here. Now I'm off to visit my friends at Thursday morning stitch in.

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