Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huck Weaving

Not that I think that I've tried everything that is possible with a needle in hand, but I'm always pleasantly surprised when I get to try something I haven't done yet. Today it was Huck, or Swedish Weaving. However you want to call it. This was our class at our EGA chapter meeting.

Easy. I chose DMC Perle #5 and it slipped right through the fabric and in short order I had a pattern developing on my toweling. I'm going to finish this doodle cloth and then we'll see what else develops. I'd be working on it right now, but my neighbor (we live in a townhouse) has workers outside with jackhammers. Not sure how much longer I can stand this.


walkaboutknitter said...

I'm hoping that by finding a current reference to huck weaving that this form is going to make another one of its occasional resurgence. I used to design in it and go out of my way to collect the old pattern booklets of the 30s & 40s

Donna said...

I can at least assure you, walkaboutknitter, that EGA chapters still teach this to their members. One lady said she had seen it taught in every chapter where she'd been a member - 8 chapters in all!

I'm sure you've seen most of what the web has to offer. I compiled some websites on our chapter blog -