Saturday, May 09, 2009

No Winners, but I'm the Loser

Why I am the loser:

Because people waste my time by not making full disclosures. FIOS installer arrived nearly two hours after he called and said he'd be there in 45 he was outside the installation window by nearly one full hour. Okay. I can live with that. But what went horribly wrong after was that he went outside and said we didn't have a ground and he couldn't install. So being the smart person I am I asked why my neighbors have had this installed. He went back and looked and oh. Everyone else is grounded to the cold water pipe which is not up to code and he won't do that. Now I have to call an electrician and have a ground installed. So no FIOS for us.Fortunately I hadn't called and canceled anything yet. My ESP at work. All this could have been prevented by a person asking if we had a ground when we called and asked to sign up.

Then the silly people came from the SA and rejected my furniture. Seems the stuff they pick up here does not go to the store, but gets resold to someone else with very high standards. Rejected desk, chair and nightstand for chipped paint. Told me my white craft cabinets were chipped (I think not!), and though they initially took my two IKEA chairs, they returned them because of cat hair! At which point they asked if anyone had explained the standards to me when I arranged for pick up over the phone. Of course not. Wasted trip for them. Frustration for me.

Whatever people. Had a lovely dinner out with my family. DD returns to school today. I'm going to the shop to help with the hoards who are willing to spend their money now that the business is going out of business. If a few more of these people had been willing to part with their cash a few months ago, this would not be happening.

My progress on Spooky Hill. I have stitched a bit more on this. Just need to finish going across the bottom and then it's on to the backstitching.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Bummer. But typical. It is so difficult to get anything done and you have to grill people like you are Gestapo to figure out the pitfalls. Despite their doing this all the time, they aren't going to bother to tell you!

Oh, well, hope things go better next week.