Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Finishes

First finish - Thursday night, By the Bay's Spooky Hill. Yup, I changed the words to Sleepy Hollow as it is the headless horseman. These are the colors called for which are a far cry from the photo on the chart. Much better this way.

Second finish - Friday night. Supper can wait till I finish these dove's eyes...The Norway International Heart from The Victoria Sampler. Things I changed - I did an algerian eyelet the top of the heart instead of four cross stitches with metallic...left out the random metallic cross stitches...and used long-armed cross for the white bands instead of just cross stitch. I like it. Will finish it as an ornament for the Christmas tree. And I've got a few more of these in the stash.

Lesson learned: I can stitch in the car! I would say 90% of the heart was stitched in the car on this last NH trip. Lugana, 25ct made things much easier. I even cut out the hardanger threads. Cue the Saturday Night Live commercial of a .... Those who know, know.

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Lee said...

Oh my gosh - yes, I remember! And now I feel really old...