Saturday, May 30, 2009

Use Labels

I think I know when I took this class on painting your canvas. But looking back in my blog, I don't see it mentioned. Either I didn't write about it, or I have the incorrect time frame.
Doesn't matter really. But I should really, really start to use my labels...

This floral piece is from a class on painting your own hand-painted canvases. I didn't think the peonies should be purple, so I changed to pinks. Obviously. What we did. The teacher had a color copy of her hand-painted canvas. And a line drawing of the canvas. We place the drawing under the canvas and drew it onto the canvas. And then painted it. Truly that simple. Just used regular acrylic craft paints. Though since then I've been turned onto a better quality paint, such as Golden or Liquitex.

I'm using the wonderful Vineyard silks for the flowers. Feels heavenly. Great coverage. I've got Splendor for the leaves and stems. And I see where I picked up some Impressions and Mandarin for the background, but am reconsidering those choices.

The other little piece is a Sekas kit for a scissor fob. That's what I did in one night. Almost done already. Called for blues, but I had greens in my stash.

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Angela said...

The colours of the flower are delightful. i thinbk you made the right decision to change them. Now they look exactly like the flower that has just opened this morning in my garden.