Friday, September 04, 2009

Captain's Rellek

First, let me say I love the fabric I picked for this. Picture This Plus' DaVinci. Mine has less brown than what is pictured here. I started at the top and right away realized that I have a bone to pick with the designer, Michelle. The very top sail of the boat is stitched with a thread that isn't listed on the supply list. And it just says pearl 30/3 in the directions. Okay. Sigh.

So I started stitching just below the topsail yesterday morning at stitch group. And wouldn't you know, a couple of hours later I realized I miscounted nearly right at the beginning. OH NO!

Decision time. Not frogging. Will continue and adjust as I go. I can hardly believe the first thing I did was make an error. And this is what I get for starting new projects out in public and not while hiding away in my house by myself. LOL

I had almost gone to Needlewoman East yesterday before stitching group. My plan was to be there waiting when they opened the doors at 10 a.m. I needed some Anchor floss for one of my vacation projects. But because I was lazy and s-l-o-w yesterday morning, I didn't make it.

Instead I headed there after stitching group. And thus found some Rainbow Gallery Elegance that should work for the topsail. Came home and tried it out on the edge of the fabric and it will suffice.

Meanwhile, what other surprises are in store for me with this piece?

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