Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome, Autumn

Here's my progress on my Tudor Rose crewel piece. That's long and short with buttonhole edging. A fishbone leaf. And the start of the stem in outline.

It's fun to change up what I'm stitching.

I also picked up my piece to mail yesterday. Someone's getting a birthday gift soon.

Things I want today:

to find a cute screwdriver to keep with my hoop, something in pink perhaps?

2nd season of the Big Bang Theory on DVD

more hours in the day - I shouldn't have stayed up till 1 a.m. Truly I guess I shouldn't have had those two diet colas in the middle of the afternoon - I hardly ever drink the stuff any more and apparently that was enough to keep me awake. But I did get to watch most of the last National Treasure movie, see the Red Sox score (how did they manage to blow that lead?), see President Obama on David Letterman, and one old episode of Roseanne on Nick.

I guess we are getting 12 hours of clouds to match the 12 hours of darkness here in northern Virginia. Oh well. Sunshine would have been nice. Happy Autumn, everyone.


Anna van Schurman said...

Love the colors in Tudor rose. Happy autumn!

Kathryn said...

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 is waiting for me back in Nevada. Expect a tv marathon Thursday night!