Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Week

It's Monday. I've already watched Mad Men. I watched the first 20 minutes last night and the remainder this morning with breakfast. I had the last 3 episodes recorded and watched them this past weekend. And I came to the realization that Sally is my sister. Same age. Same Barbie doll. I don't think my sister ever did ballet lessons though. I can wish that I had a picture of her in a tutu, but I don't. Ah the blackmail possibilities of that.

I've been moving right along on my crewel piece and should finish it this week. Though part of me is screaming to go pick up my canvas. All the leaves are finished and I'm almost through the first ring of petals. I've decided I am not a huge fan of the coral stitch. Photo soon...

I'm jealous of those who are packing and planning for the EGA National Seminar. Though I'm hoping to read some fabulous reports of the goings on. Next year Seminar is in San Francisco. Is there way for me to make that happen? I hope so.

Meanwhile I can look forward to Smart Days in October in Culpeper and mini-regional in Fredericksburg in the spring.

I keep seeing new owl things. Just Nan has Hootzi Humbug and a pin.

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