Thursday, September 03, 2009


Okay while the Red Sox were busy last night playing catch up and making me think they could maybe make the Rays lose...I was busy picking out new/old projects to take to the beach.

What could be more fun than picking out vaca-stitching?

Let's see what I came up with:

Point Pinos Lighthouse kit that I picked up at Cabrillo National Monument gift shop two years ago. Kit comes with a light blue Aida. I've been through what is left of my fabric stash and have a few choices in blue. None of them looked terrific to me. But I will bring them to stitch group today and see what others think.

A great blue heron design that I barely started earlier this year. I'd like to make a tiny bit of progress on this one - something worthy of a photo.

Michelle Ink's "Captain's Rellek." I think I got the spelling correct. Pirate ships and mermaids and treasure oh my.

A Sudberry House shaker pincushion that has a sailing ship in a bay. Can't remember the details on this one. But it's not large. But the pattern is printed on some paper designed to prevent copying and I find it annoying to look at. Oh well.

These are the four projects I've decided to bring with me. I left behind some other mighty candidates like the Cricket Collection's Skeleton Crew. Which is highlighted in this SAL blog. And a nautical themed series of smalls. And the Victoria's Sampler Mystic Needlework.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

All good choices, especially the pirate ship and its skeleton crew. That piece makes me laugh.

You will have something for any mood, amount of light or time. Good choices.

Anna van Schurman said...

Happy vacastitching!