Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shifting Gears

I swear that lately I've been shifting my stitching gears faster than a Formula 1 car on the road from Bernau am Chiemsee to Bertchsgaden. Canvas work to crewel to counted. Hardanger to counted to canvas. I'm not certain this is good for me.


Today was class with Pamela Darney of Guild House Samplers on making your own Quaker diamond sampler. Saw yards and yards of Glorianna - enough to make you swoon old school style. She referred to this as the class of a thousand decisions. Yup. I can see that.

And while a part of me wants to play the thousand decision game, I don't have that much free stitching time right now. So I have decided to use one Glorianna overdyed silk floss on some 32ct Glenshee. That will be my class piece. We meet again for show and tell in January.

And then I picked a slightly more complicated color scheme to do something for my bedroom in a larger size. Yes. I kitted two new projects today.

Did I mention I started stitching a new piece last night? Just a little pin. For Halloween. But today I bought some of DMC's Memory Thread in black to use on said pin. We'll see how it goes. They do have piece using it in the latest issue of Needlepoint Now that looks interesting.

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