Saturday, September 05, 2009


I signed up for the Marion Scoular Beginner Hardanger Group Correspondence Course.

I'm not a complete beginner. But I am self-taught.

Yesterday evening, sitting outside before dinner, I was working on my Captain's Rellek. And having solved my silk n pearl dilemma, I stitched the kloster blocks with Elegance. Then I sat there talking with hubby who was smoking a before dinner cigar, gleefully cutting away the threads and I realized that I once used to dread cutting threads away from a stitched piece. But now I love it.

Mostly I think it's being proud of myself when I get it right. And if I ever get it wrong, I will probably face cutting threads with despair and loathing again. But for now, I am doing a little happy Hardanger dance. And I don't have to bring my Hardanger scissors with me on vacation. They can stay home in their drawer. Where they belong. Those sharp little darlings.

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