Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue

I've had this magazine for nearly two weeks now. And I had fully intended to do an in-depth critique.

But it seems I can't.

It's so ho-hum that there is nothing here to excite me and make me want to write.

I don't mind that they reorganized how things are presented. I do mind that they reorganized badly. By that I mean, they still have some ornaments that have the color key on one page and the graph on another. How difficult it is to get all the pertinent info on one page? How hard would it have been to tell the designers that the recipes would all be in one section - so they could have not been embarrassed by the "here's my recipe" which isn't here at all, but somewhere else.

And what's with the sheep? I see four ornies with sheep and only the one with a flock grazing makes any type of Christmas sense to me. Not that I don't like sheep. Flamingos and Christmas make no sense either, but at least there's one only designer doing flamingos. And only one doing dragons.

This issue isn't going to make my head explode. But it's not going to do anything, but sit on the shelf either. Color me disappointed.


Anna van Schurman said...

Lamb of God, anyone?

Donna said...

What? The band from Richmond?

Okay. All kidding aside. I still see this as a stretch.

Jennifer said...

I have to say the issue really didn't blow my skirt up either.