Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Magazine Reviews

Yesterday I managed to find not one, but two new magazines. The September issue of Piecework was in the PX at Ft. Belvoir - imagine my suprise - and I got to look at it over lunch (Philly cheese steak and lemonade - yum!)

First thing that struck me was the ad on the inside over for Waverly Wool by the Brown Sheep Co. I'd never heard this 100% Persian wool for needlepoint before. Looks interesting. But I checked on their website and I don't see anyone near me that's carrying it. Will keep my eyes open though when traveling and shopping.

This is the minatures issue. I'm in love with minatures and yes I'm thrilled by this magazine.

First we have a wonderful piece about Eloise Kruger and her amazing minatures collection which is housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Wow. And yes, there is a pattern for a flamestitched cushion for a minature chair.

Next is an article on simple looping. Hmmm. What to do when you have yarn, but no knitting needles or crochet hooks. There's a pattern available for downloading on the website.

Next we have Quaker Pinballs. Knit Quaker patterns. Will this Quaker madness never end? Not any time soon. I have a class later this month for a Quaker medallion as taught by Pam Darney. They have nicely included a photo of the pattern as cross-stitched for those of us who don't knit. Maybe this would make a nice Christmas ornament?

Then we have a Frank Cooper minature rug to needlepoint. On 18ct canvas it is 9" by 15" - didn't anyone want to do this on 40ct silk gauze?

How about a knit lace tablecloth? I've got to say the photo of this in progress on 5 needles intimidates me. Totally.

A lovely article on differentiating the terms crewel and Jacobean. This one has a Jacobean floral punchneedle pattern.

But the thing I am most likely to do for myself is the Grand Prize winner of the 2009 brooch contest. A Butter"scotch" brooch and earrings in needlepoint by Sharlotte A. Devere. Love the colors.

Also we have a vintage baby booties pattern and a doll-sized tatted collar. And reviews of books and new products. The usual stuff. Good issue.

And then, later, at Everything Cross Stitch in Fredericksburg I found the just released November issue of Cross-Stitch and Needlework. Hmm. So new it isn't on their website yet? Come on people - get with the program.

I'm not sure why we have a bit of an argyle pattern in the middle of an owl, but it's cute in a strange way. With those stumpy little cigar shaped wings, this owl is looking rather cartoonish. But it is another owl...

The Thanksgiving door pattern. Sigh. Why the green and white checked border? Not in love with this one. I think it's a hot mess as someone might say on Project Runway.

Now the falling leaves. Okay. Now you've got me. The maple and birch(beech, whatever it is) leaves are terrific. Gingko leaves are not shaped right. I should know...

Finally we come to something worth the price. A terrific article on Phillipa Turnbull, the British Queen of Crewel. Pretty pictures. Includes a pattern.

A so-so Stitcher's Sampler. I don't see any compelling reason to stitch this. Very pedestrian.

I like the Acorns and Oak Leaves table topper. Not that I would stitch it. That many oak leaves would drive me batty. But I can see doing the acorns as napkin rings as they have pictured.

I really like the marigold fields cushion. And I'm pretty certain I can stitch better spiderweb roses. This one I may do.

There's 3 or 4 more patterns in this magazine. Not a total wash. But not a home run either.


Anna van Schurman said...

I wonder how few people know you can convert a knit pattern (schematic as opposed to written) into a cross stitch pattern. Really, we needed to be told?

Donna said...

Yup. Apparently some of us do need to be told. I hadn't seen a schematic in decades. But I'm not a knitter so I usually don't pay any attention to knit stuff.