Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Cape Cod Photos

Picture perfect fit for a postcard. The windmill with rhododendrons in bloom at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich.

The history building right now is housing an exhibit on kitchens through the years and one called A Bird in the Hand: the Carvings of Elmer and Cleon Crowell. I took this photo because this building is a replica of a Revolutionary War fort originally located in New Windsor, New York. The original known as "The Temple" was where George Washington's army spent the last winter of the Revolutionary War in 1783 and where Washington awarded the first three Purple Heart military decorations. If you drive past this site in New York all you see are rocks on the ground delineating where the buildings were. I used to drive by here frequently and never once stopped.

In case rhododendrons aren't your thing, there's also a carousel. And an exhibit about carousels. And some American primitive art. I liked this guy all decked out in his armor.

But the cat with the fish in his mouth is wonderful, too.

We saved the car collection for last. Gary Cooper's Dusenberg in its original colors - Primrose Yellow and Parkway Green. If you're into antique cars, this is one cherry collection. Me, I'm not really into cars.

At the Old Town Cemetery, you can see stones like this from the 18th and 19th centuries.

A rock I picked up. I took its photo on another rock. And brought the round one home where it joined some others from New Hampshire.

And in stitchy news:

I continued on my O Canada yesterday. Right now I'm stitching the band with the wheat ears - not thrilling me. And I graphed out my genealogical information and it's too big to stitch over two. Now I have to decide whether to stitch all of it over one, or stitch the capital letters over two and the rest over one. 

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Deborah said...

Glad that you enjoyed Sandwich! The gardens is such a beautiful place. Did you ride the merry-go -round. So much fun.