Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm sitting here wondering what to do. I've got a couple of personal dilemmas that are picking at my brain and thusly am having difficulty reaching a conclusion on normal decisions. Normal decisions = what to stitch on at stitching group today. 

I guess I need to set aside one day a week to work on Stars because my catch as catch can program is not working. Something else always comes along and bumps this big project off my radar. Or maybe even two days? 

New plan - Tuesdays and Fridays are for Stars. Until I get it finished. 

Phew. That means today I can either work on my President's Challenge for my EGA Chapter and/or O Canada.

I came very close to finishing the wheat ear band that slowed my progress on O Canada. I was working on it last night at Guild. I've been going to both morning and evening meetings lately for Guild and took the class in the morning which was the pulled thread bookmark that was in the December issue of Needle Arts. 

This bookmark called for 25 ct linen and #8 pearl cotton. Well, I found a piece of 30 ct linen and some #8 pearl cotton and while it's interesting what developed, it's not right. The thread is too big and I can't open the holes enough to satisfy myself. Next time I'm out and about, I'll pick up some DMC Floche in a complimentary color and try that. 

The Tuesday shopping trip was successful. I dropped off my Cajun Santa for finishing, ordered a Kathy Schenkel ornament canvas, and found some nice threads to start a gift type project that I can't write about here. The main colors are Hyla's High Cotton, an Egyptian cotton that can be stranded down to 5 strands or used as is on a 13 count canvas. This will be the first time I've used this fiber and I've been hearing good things about it. 

I also purchased a wicked looking curved blade thing to remove mistakes. I'd been slowly frogging a canvas piece and this will certainly speed things up. I should now be able to just cut and pull with tweezers. 

And then we arrived at one of my all-time favorites, The Container Store. I had a coupon and was thinking about getting another Elfa cart for my studio. But instead common sense won out and I bought one for the part of my closet that acts like a pantry. 

I bought a 10-runner model, came home, put it together, evicted the old plastic shelves, and organized everything nicely. Looks great! Not to mention I discovered a 1 lb. bag of rye flour at the bottom in the back that was dated 2006! That's out with the garbage this morning. LOL

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