Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Horribly Bad News

Now that I have your attention:

Truly if you know me, you know I like sarcasm and general snarkiness. 

Thus the title of the post.

But seriously. I was just at Office Depot here in Virginia where school just ended last week. And they have their back to school displays up and halfway stocked!

If I was a kid, I'd want to go in there and trash them. 

Madness. Sheer madness. 

When I was a kid, we lived a pretty idyllic life in the summer. At a camp. On a lake. In New Hampshire. Did whatever we wanted all day long. Our mothers used to joke that they were the only mothers they knew who didn't want school to start. 

In stitchy news:

Okay. I give already. Some how I have lost track of another project. Seriously. I must be losing my mind. No bag, no threads, no chart. Just the canvas that I bought two weeks later. This one is Carolyn Mitchell's In My Wildest Dreams. I know I bought the stuff. Now where the heck is it? 

I did have a friend give me a copy of the color key from my other missing items. And have started my stitching on several smalls. Actually got a fair amount stitched while having the first service appointment on our car on Monday. They've renovated the customer lounge and it's much nicer now with ever better lighting. I had no problem seeing to stitch over one on 32ct. 

I did not stitch at all yesterday. So I did a little bit more on my border on Stars this morning. Just pushing ahead and making incremental progress. 


BFromM said...

I hate it when I lose projects! "But, I know I have stuff somewhere". Of course, sometimes, that means I have to go to the needlepoint store again. I know what you mean about school. It just got out a week ago! I was reading a store blog, and the entry was that "fall was coming". I understand starting knitting now, but seriously, fall IS NOT COMING yet.

Kelly said...

Seriously, the stores are crazy. I was just in a department store that looked like fall, rust, purple, maroon. Can't we enjoy our sundresses for bit longer?

C in DC said...

And since the schools won't send out their supply lists until August, this is just crazy.