Thursday, June 16, 2011

In My Wildest Dreams

I did go to Needlewoman East on Tuesday with my chart of In My Wildest Dreams and also a print out of the photo of Thread Medley's version of the project and a half dozen skeins of Watercolours that I thought might interest me.

In particular, Peacock was calling to me.

But as so often happens, I got distracted. By my own purse this time. 

In my quest for the missing pages, I was looking through my purses. And decided it was a good day to change my bag. Pink was out and Bali Blue was in!
And somehow, standing in the LNS I started choosing colors that matched my Bali Blue Vera Bradley purse. I'm not certain if I've got enough color to make the piece sing. But I made a start. Came home and love the colors on either sandstone or this blue I have that I don't know the name of. Kind of bright. Unfortunately I don't have a big enough piece of either one. As I am not planning on starting this for a bit, that's okay, too.

Edit:  I'm sorry. I tried to link to online photo of Bali Blue and it looked wonderful while I was typing my post. I'll have to go and take a picture of my purse, I guess. 

Not so far off from the Peacock Watercolours. Though I do have two skeins of Peacock and they look totally different. Of course. 

As I was checking out I showed Liz, the owner of Needlewoman East, the autumny colorway that was my alternative. And she said it was nice, but that I'm much more of a blue person. And she's right. 

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Anonymous said...

The purse is stunning and the colors would be wonderful on Wildest Dream. I look forward to you starting this project!