Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Give Up

I am officially giving up my search for the missing pages and thread card. I've been everywhere looking. Recreated what was going on when I finished this - I hadn't moved into my studio yet and I've looked at every project I was working on around the same time - easy to do when you blog this stuff. 

Which means I will need to get replacement pages - well, mostly I just need the thread key, as I finished the pincushion in October. 

I should have been working on my Molehill to Mountain, but I got distracted by my portable stitching. On Monday, while waiting for an oil change that took forever I nearly completed my wheat ear band on O Canada. On Tuesday, while waiting for DH to call for his pick up from the Park N Ride, I worked on my Cajun Santa and just continued stitching on it after dinner. I'm so close to finishing this, I just want to do it. But tomorrow night is the Chapter meeting and I also want to have my first square finished. 

Too much to do. And of course it's a perfect weather day for steam cleaning rugs. Which is what I think I'm about to do. Because who knows when we'll see dry and not too hot here in the D.C. suburbs?

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Anonymous said...

This has happened to me on more than one occasion. As soon as you get the replacement, the first one will magically reappear - probably in a very strange place too. I'm waiting for your first square of Molehill to Mountain, so please don't get distracted for very long.