Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice

Officially the beginning the summer, but for us here in Metro D.C. it's been summer for weeks and weeks. Going back up to 90 today maybe? Hopefully there will be no rain out of my grilling plans for dinner. 

Yesterday brought the final addition to my stitching room as the last item on my wish list for comfort and amusement arrived via USPS. DH found me a good deal on a Blue-ray player online. It's all set up and now I can watch Netflix without having to go through hooking up the laptop. I've been slowly purging papercrafting stuff from the room. Seriously haven't used most of my supplies since 2002. I might purchase one more Elfa unit, maybe even today. And then things will be relatively complete. I just need to decide if I'm going to hang things on the walls before repainting or if I'm going to paint that one wall. It's a pretty ugly shade of green. I've been considering lavender. That's it for my big decisions for the week.

I'm heading off with a friend today. Got a stocking in need of finishing. And I've got a present to stitch that's in need of threads.

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Bonnie said...

Had a great time on Tuesday! We need to go further next month.