Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Cool Down

I'm so happy because I was able to open the windows this morning and let some fresh COOL air into the house. When your thermometer tells you it's 98 on June 1st you start to debate where you are living. I'm grateful for the cool down. And maybe I'll even get to plant some more things tomorrow as my garden is woefully behind. 

So here's the update:

O Canada - flag and clock face stitched. Trees on the left stitched. Dividing band stitched. Started the wheat ears band. And then I kind of ran out of steam. In a week or so I'll pick it back up.

My start of Molehill to Mountain. It's way brighter than this photo shows. LOL

Outside this morning we have some lilies blooming. In 2005 when we moved into this house, my son and I planted some lilies. These yellow ones are his. They've taken a beating in years past by misplaced newspaper throws. But they're still here.

I planted the orange ones. There's way more of these because they remain undamaged by random newspaper bombs.

And here's my new friend, Douglas. He came home with me from Cape Cod. Douglas is my official mascot for MtoM. If I'm stitching on it, he's with me. We've become good buddies. He's a great listener!


Sara Leigh said...

Your MtoM colors are looking very nice! I need to get back to mine.

Bonnie said...

Love, love, love your Molehill to Mountain. The color just call to me.

Peggi said...

I love Douglas....where did you get him? I have visions of a needlepoint 3-D Halloween owl if he can be "dressed up" in spooky stitches.