Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Posting Before Reading

Sometimes I read most of the blogs in the morning before I sit down here to write. Other days, like today, I decide to write first. This does effect the content of what I write. Not that today's musings are going to be brilliant. Just the usual. Wait. Doesn't that make this a meta post? Not be confused with metapost. 

Going deeper into the cave...must crawl back towards the sunlight.

Peggi - Douglas came from the gift shop at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA. I was standing there with DH at the check out counter babbling about making a needlepoint version of him and the poor clerk was lost and confused. 

*waving to Janice* over at the Thread Medley. Janice and Liz at Lizart at both starting Stars for a New Millenium. Janice nicely sent me a photo of her finish of Molehill to Mountain. I'm always inspired by others' finishes and her blog has plenty of inspiring photos of needlepoint! Love the colors of Carolyn Mitchell piece - "In my Wildest Dream." Absolutely fantastic!

I'm in the mood to toss things so I'm staying out of the stitching room today.

Yesterday I started in the kitchen cleaning out spices and old tea and plastic containers that most likely have BPA in them. I'm not certain exactly where I'm heading today, but I will continue. Of course, I still have herbs to plant, though I got the bed ready for them yesterday. Still have all my fingernails, too!

Sat outside and stitched on Molehill to Mountain and I'm halfway through the first square. I realize that I've got a color that needs to come out, but it should be fairly painless. Photos later...

No stitching outside today unless I go right now. Air quality is orange for this afternoon which is my favorite time to be out there. 

Okay. I've crawled out my own head. Off to read now. Ciao!


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