Friday, June 10, 2011

The State of Stitching

My plan to spend less time on the computer is working. But it's too the detriment of my blog. I'm going to cut myself some slack on this for the summer with the idea of getting back to daily posts in September. So the summer schedule has started early. Just like the heat has here in the east. 
I promise to not be totally lazy and I'll try post 2 to 3 times a week at least. 

So here's from Molehill to Mountain progress as of yesterday. I used the little camera and the colors need to brightened. See the pink and green in the middle square? Those two are coming out. The pink is right, but the green is wrong. That trebizond is a bit too olive green. Out it will come and I'll be replacing it with pink trebizond. Then I will put a different green thread where the pink is. I should be able to easily finish this square before out Chapter meeting next Thursday.

And here's a lesson for me. Some of you might want to follow along and let's see if we can all learn something. A few posts back I said I was unhappy with wheat ear band on O Canada. On Tuesday I took it with me to work on while getting a pedicure (My preferred source of entertainment. I'm not really a People magazine kind of gal.) I pull out the chart and look again at the thread called for and realize the reason why I was not liking this band. Because I was using the WRONG color! 

Very little difference between a 3032 and a 3033 in number - huge difference in color. 

Next time I decide something looks "not right" I am planning on looking more closely instead of blindly stitching along. So the 3033 came out and the 3032 went in and now I much happier. 

As a side note, I promise I am not working on this while watching the Bruins attempt to gain possession of Lord Stanley's Cup. 


RuthB said...

Damn those DMC color tags. They'd save us all so much time if they'd thread themselves when they know they are needed rather than letting us fumble around trying to read those little tages (which half the time go missing anyway). :)

Congrats on the beautiful stitching. I wish you well with the Treb. frogging. Not that it looks in any way bad now, but I'm sure your adjustments will make it beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the green in the center is too yellow. I would also replace it, but I'd leave the pink alone. It looks great just the way it is. (Also love the new photo at the top of your blog!)

Lisa said...

Good lesson regarding color and color numbers - something that I have come across lately, too. I am hoping that I can watch and stitch while watching the playoffs tonight. Seems that when I sat & stitched, the Canucks has some luck...and when I didn't the Bruins stole their thunder. Hoping for a better outcome tonight!