Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Think I've Got It

Okay. First no posting photos directly to blog from Picassa. 

I may need to go back and resize a lot of photos if I want them to remain here on the blog. Argh. That's a gargantuan task. 

So back to the stitching world:

Not much progress on anything to show you. Except for a few final finishes.

See the photo in the header? That's a Homespun Elegance pendant from my Crazy January Challenge. Finished to point of wearing. 

Also we have these:

A Sampler Girl limited edition bookmark. Hey, I stitched this on January 1st! And because I wasn't certain if I was going to finish it according to directions I let it languish. Well, I followed the directions and added the button and ribbon. A finish in 60 seconds or less after nearly 7 months. So sad.

We also have the Noel ornament from Blackbird. I love this. Need to make more of these!

I've got more, but I need to take photos first. 

And I've been cleaning my room yet again. It seems I've acquired a few new/used things and need to reorganize. I did enough yesterday that I can see the floor. Today will be about sorting threads. Always inspiring to look at all the pretty colors.

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Kelly said...

The Christmas stocking is adorable. Got to love Paris!