Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Stars Tuesday

I didn't get a chance to stitch until last night while watching the Red Sox game. Put in another hour or so on Ava Gardner. And because of that I think I spent the night dreaming of small Jessica stitches. I got half of them finished and as soon as I get off the computer I'm going to attack the second half. This is the first square on which I realized how I don't really have enough contrast in color between thread A-1 and thread A-2. But I still like how it looks and everything is staying put. 

With luck, photos of a finished Ava by tomorrow morning. 

I have given myself permission to not finish my President's Challenge for this year. Only because the project grew too large under my current plan. I don't know. Maybe I can rethink the challenge and come up with something small. And put the larger version away for later. I'll think about it in the shower where I do some of my best thinking. 

Which is how I know that I'd be a terrible back-in-time-traveler. I'd miss my shower so much, I'd be miserable. I think this is because I grew up in a house that was undergoing the never finished bathroom renovation. Which meant from like age 6 to age 18 there was no shower in my house. And I had really long hair. Every now and then I'd go next door to use my grandparents' shower. All this makes the shower the one modern convenience that I could not live without!!!

Off to stitch on Ava!

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