Friday, July 22, 2011


Post number 1,900! Only took 7 years 10 months. LOL

I'm planning something big for number 2,000 which I should reach sometime this year. I know I've slacked off on posting. I warned you I was going to. Just my attempt to cut down on computer time and gain more stitching time.

Today's other numbers all revolve around 100. As in degrees. By the time I went to pick up DH at the Park n Ride yesterday, my car was telling me it was 102 in our neighborhood. I truly believe it. Though officially the high at Dulles was only 99. Whatever. 

It's hot. Yeah. We know. The heat has affected today's plans. Which is okay. That gives me more time at home. Less moving around outside. Less getting in and out of an air conditioned vehicle which if you do it enough times, starts to make you feel ill. I've watered the plants and filled the bird bath. 

But enough about the Sweat Ceiling, let's talk about fun stuff.

Yesterday I finished my name tag for my primary EGA guild. Only been a members for 6 years. I did a huge version. But I like it. I need to attach my pins and then I'll take a photo. 

And I started a project my ANG Guild has been working on - the Count of Needlemania. It was on the cover of Needlepointers magazine in the past year. I had done the transfer of the design to canvas months ago and finally started my stitching in time for last night's meeting. His eyes are done and I've started the dreaded basketweave on his face. (Only dreaded because I get bored...)

Tomorrow is the big Guild meeting and today I'll be doing the finishing on my President's Challenge. I'll have a post filled with photos for you on Sunday/Monday. 

Sorry no photos today. Too lazy to move. Off to the showers now.

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