Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip Part II

I left us yesterday at Bedecked and Beadazzled with all that fabulous color. The sign to the right of this display says Quick and Easy. It's also fun and fancy. Poppy (is that a word leftover from the 60s?) and pretty. Bright and bouncy. It makes me want to live closer. Much closer to this place.

That's Ruth in the middle helping Candy and Ferol chose which fun things need to jump into a bag and come home with them.

We reluctantly left Ruth's Shop O' Wonders for Needles and Threads of Ruxton. But we knew there was more fun awaiting us!  We were greeted by the shop pup, Zoe, and the owner, Judy.

Bonnie and Candy looking through the Point of It All Trunk Show.
 That's Judy in the red. She's helping Ferol and Amanda's making a beeline to the back of the shop to see if the canvas she didn't buy the last time we were there was still there. It was. And she bought it! A beautiful sea horse design with a treasure chest on aqua canvas. Yum. 

I only snapped two photos in here, as there were the six of us, a few other customers, and the shop workers. I'm not saying it was crowded, that just made it more fun. Was easy to find something to tempt our friends. We are all about enabling each other. 

We left here and headed to the Stitching Post. Had another terrific lunch at Dusenberg's. I asked at the Stitching Post if I could take photos, but the owner told me no. Said there were photos online at her website...

We did find things we couldn't live without while shopping there. A few spent some money at the quilt shop, the Seminole Sampler, and the yarn store, Cloverhill, which are located next to the cross stitch store. I've always enjoyed the large variety and brightness and space of the Stitching Post. There are so many tempting shop models it would be difficult for me to leave here without a new project. 

We had a fortunately uneventful ride home chatting and planning what to do with all our loot. 

Here's my share:

I took my Needlepoint Now with me to kit up Olivia the Ostrich.

I bought the Glorianna thread pack at Ruth's. And canvas with the finishing items at the Stitching Post. They seem to sort of go together...

From the Stitching Post:  The Red Poppy Collage by Laura Perrin was on sale! The inchies from By the Bay jumped into my basket when I saw the Mermaid freebies. And I was nearly mugged by a friend for my Sweetheart Tree Halloween Quadrille.

More canvas joined my stash:  Mind the Gap - from the Barbara Bergsten trunk show at Ruth's. For those who don't know, this phrase is a safety warning from the London Metro system. It has crossed over into the mainstream thanks to be used in books and movies. I love the many connotations of the phrase myself and am thinking it eventually needs to be placed in our bar where it can serve as an ironic warning for all who drink there. 

The scarecrow jumped into my hands at Needles and Threads. Left me singing If I Only Had a Brain to myself for the remainder of the day. 

OOOOOH is right! I've been watching Amanda start a project stitched with the River Silk ribbons and couldn't resist the chance to buy this book. It comes with a card of ribbon and canvas to practice and I bought the red and blue separately for another project. It should be OOOOOH and YUMMMMM!

 Thus concludes our little adventure. All returned safely home thanks to Karla's expert driving. I'm sure we all fell asleep dreaming of color and threads and the many hours of pleasure we will have with our treasures!


CindyMae said...

You have added some great stuff to your stash! Look like the road trip was a great time!

threadmedley said...

What a wonderful way to spend time with friends - encouraging all to add to their stash! Wish I had been along for the ride. I bet you all made the store owners very happy by the time you left each place.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Sara Leigh said...

See, this is one of the things I miss most about my shop. The gaggle of friends who would come together to shop and create a marvelous hubbub filled with laughter and oohs and ahhs. Sigh.